21st Century

We enter the 21st century as we ended the 18th century, with Hispanic Americans once again contributing decisively to our nation’s future. During the 18th century, struggling North Americans traveled to the wealthy and powerful Spanish territories in North America, Cuba, Santo Domingo, and Spain desperately seeking assistance for a tenuous rebellion. During the 21st century, the descendants of the same peoples who provided the silver, military supplies, soldiers, loans and economic assistance for the American Revolutionary War are now immigrating to the now wealthy and powerful United States of America in search of economic opportunity and political freedom. While the economic circumstances are reversed, the opportunity remains for Hispanic Americans to enrich and contribute to our country.

As we know from the 21st century news reports, the rising numbers of Hispanic Americans in the North has been greeted with respect from many citizens, and discrimination and hatred from others. The debate over immigration thunders across this nation of the descendants of immigrants. We have forgotten much of our American history that we have shared with our neighbors in South and Central America since 1776, and the history of the early struggles of the immigrants who are now the majority of citizens of the United States.

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